Moira Michelini plays the Sonatas  for piano of Domenico Scarlatti self-confident and with a gleaming touch (….),the immediacy of Michelini   gives  to her  performance liveliness  and   sympathy, she   exerts herself  in  echo  effects, and  she graduates all the musical  phrases with precision, clearness and transparence. She plays with gracefulness and  brilliance. Playing the “Malaguena “ and the “Tango” from the Suite “Espana” composed by I.Albeniz, Moira Michelini seems to be at ease and the public starts  to be lost  in  fanciful  images.

Suddeutsche - Zeitung
Gasteig” Concerthall - Monaco 2001

“ The  pianist Moira Michelini  “bewitchs” the audience proposing an  unforgettable  interpretation of G.Gershwin  piano Concerto in F.”

The “ Messaggero”- 2001

"… her temperament and her sparkling vivacity appeared immediately and these qualities, when transposed to music, are never out of place. "

from the newspaper Rheiner-Neckar 1998

"…hunting scenes and visions of tango…"
"The Sonatas by D. Scarlatti presented by Michelini are full of a catching "humour", full of temperament and of a certain spirit which makes you imagine light and lively miniature hunting scenes".
"… she expresses an excellent and natural formal balance, supported by a wonderful cantabile of the sound, full of lyricism"
Moira Michelini guest at the "Prinz Carl Palais" in Heidelberg

from the newspaper Rheiner-Neckar 1999

"…the young Italian pianist Moira Michelini, … with a great artistic feeling: gleaming passages, a slightly hinted dynamic and a baroque gracefulness blended in passionate virtuosity."

from the newspaper Rheiner Zeitung - Weinheim 1999

"Hunting scenes and visions of tango"
Piano virtuosity, full of temperament
Moira Michelini guest at the "Prinz Carl Palais" in Heidelberg
(by Klaus Ross)

"Crystal and fountains"
(A review from the newspaper Rhein-Neckar 12th January 1998)

"The grace of the viennese ländler and the inevitable approach of death"
Piano evening performance with Moira Michelini in the Weinheim town library

"The rational grace of the XVIII century"
By Antonio Diaz Bautista from
"LA VERDAD" - 28th January 2000

"A brilliant pianist with a vital temperament"
By Enrique Bonmati
"LA OPINION" - 5th January, 2000

"Nights of piano passion"
"New straits times" - May 25, 2001

"Flair and Grace"
By Jason Cheah
The Star - thursday april 18 2002